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While the summer seems to be well and truly on its way out, the heat wave that rolled through London not too long ago got us thinking about the key differences between driving in the warmer months and the rest of the year. We think learners in and around the Clapham area, where we offer professional driving lessons, should definitely know about these differences and how they have a practical impact. That way, with a little help from this blog, once the winter’s passed you’ll be well prepared. After all, not all driving schools talk about this.


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Summer Driving Tips & Tricks


Keep a Close Eye on Oil & Water


During extended periods of hot weather, your vehicle’s water and oil reservoirs will deplete more rapidly than usual. This is because more is used to keep your engine cool and prevent it from overheating. So keep an eye on the levels, and ensure they get topped up at the right time.


If they fall too low, you could end up damaging your engine, suffering a breakdown and being left with a bill for towing and repair! Why spoil one of Clapham’s stunning summer days in such a way?!


Inspect Tyres


Did you know that during hot weather the air in your tyres may expand? This could mean they’re more susceptible to issues like punctures and similar structural damage (e.g rips and tears).


Driving schools like our own will often give advice on what you can do to avoid suffering punctures (simply driving carefully is a great way) – but driving lessons rarely mention this particular nuance of summer driving around Clapham and its surrounds.


Stay Cool & Calm


…but driving lessons, at least at quality driving schools like our own, do place a huge emphasis on staying cool, calm and collected when making your way from A to B. Losing your nerve can quickly lead to accidents, as you forget essential protocol and make rash decisions, often unconsciously.


In the summer this takes on quite a literal character; road rage in the summer seems to be far more of a problem around Clapham than in the autumn, for example! So plan your journey ahead of time, stick your sunglasses on to deal with the glare, carry a bottle of water and relax. Things go from bad to worse when you begin to get wound-up!

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