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Welcome back to the latest instalment of the Herne Hill Driving School blog! In this entry, we’ve looked at something that both learners currently under our tutelage, and those in the Streatham area considering booking driving lessons for the first time, can hopefully get something out of; the subject is common faults learners make in driving tests, and how they can avoid making them.


3 Common Driving Test Faults & How to Avoid Them


Observation @ Junctions – The most common fault that examiners pick up on is failure to properly observe all relevant happenings at a junction. This is why driving schools, like our own in Streatham, always stress to take your time and be methodical when approaching a junction. Relax and think it out!


For example, you could be performing perfectly but then pick up a major fault by not looking toward approaching vehicles at the right time, when using a roundabout. So move forward cautiously when you have the opportunity to, allowing yourself to make all the right observations and proceed without fault.


Mirror Checking When Changing Direction – Another way in which Streatham learners can pick up unnecessary faults is by failing to check their mirrors when making a change of direction – e.g switching lanes, overtaking, or turning left/right. This is covered in detail in driving lessons, but forgetting can often be attributed to nerves. So again, driving schools like our own urge pupils to be cool, calm and collected in these situations. Follow the formula and you’ll be fine.


A good tip is to make a point of almost “over” checking mirrors when changing directions, at least at the very start of the test. This way as you proceed and more factors become relevant, the checking will be so in-built within your behaviour and procedure that it simply won’t be forgotten!


Controlling the Vehicle – Steering – When first taking driving lessons a lot of emphasis will be placed on getting you in correct, healthy habits when it comes to steering. Driving schools will take time to show you where to put your hands on the wheel, as well as the gear stick, and how to accurately and carefully control steering through everything from a subtle turn to a drastic, sharp one.


Bad habits will be pointed out, so you can adjust them before the big day of the test. Any Streatham learner who struggles to recall the advice we’ve given in driving lessons is urged to ask us again – we won’t bite, and in fact driving schools love to receive such questions as it shows you care about improving!

To book driving lessons at the top choice amongst Streatham driving schools, pick up the phone and call our team on 07950 780 298.

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